eComplete Capital

eComplete Capital is a data driven eCommerce investor. It identifies potential investments using its proprietary data analytics platform and enhances performance using its inhouse Growth Agency.


What makes eComplete Capital different?

  • We specialise exclusively in eCommerce and related technology investments


  • We deploy proprietary, cutting-edge data analytics to optimise return

  • We believe that the data-intensive nature of eCommerce businesses should make it easier for management teams and potential investors to make better decisions


  •  eComplete Growth partners with our investments to ensure best in class operations and improved growth forecasts beyond what other investors can see

What does eComplete Capital do for eCommerce businesses?

eComplete Capital provides access to the funding, businesses need to support their growth ambitions as either the sole investor or part of a syndicate of other investors


We are agnostic to the size and scale of a business and are able to invest between £5m- £50m in minority or majority positions.

What does eComplete Capital do for Investors? 


eComplete Capital enables data-driven investments in eCommerce businesses. eComplete Capital is supported by a Growth Agency that takes an active role in optimising the performance of those investments. We are not just investors; we always bring significant operating experience and resources to all our portfolio companies.

For Investors in eCommerce, we provide a data-driven analysis of any potential investment, based on our proprietary analytics engine. This enables a significant increase in understanding ahead of the investment.

For Private Equity firms, we offer the ability to improve the investment process and optimise the asset post-investment, while providing capital alongside them.

The key deliverable from eComplete Capital is improved performance that carries less risk for all stakeholders.

How does eComplete Capital work with investors?

eComplete Capital will carry out a data due diligence process that sits alongside Financial and Legal Due Diligence in assessing an investment case. 


It audits and benchmarks key data points to assess the quality of an investment opportunity. At present, such data is rarely current and often unverified.

How we work with eComplete Growth?

eComplete Growth can offer a view of business’s potential above what other investors can see.

The Agency will deliver optimal performance enabling investments to scale faster and more profitably, providing enhanced investment returns. 

When an investment has been identified, an Opportunity Bridge will identify performance enhancements; a Transformation Plan will set out the roadmap to achieve these opportunities; which will be delivered by our Agency to create positive returns for investors


The common thread in all our services is the use of data analytics to optimise the way eCommerce firms do business. This provides enhanced performance visibility and greater understanding. This facilitates improved operational performance and a lower degree of risk, greatly increasing the likelihood of a successful investment.