eComplete Growth

eComplete Growth is an eCommerce Growth Agency that is an engine of growth for eCommerce businesses with potential to scale.   

P1 Discover.jpg

Phase 1


eComplete Growth conducts a thorough Data Discovery and quantifies the Opportunity Bridge
Due Diligence 

We use proprietary analytics intelligence to conduct a ‘deep data dive’ into the reality of an eCommerce business, assessing its fundamentals in terms of key metrics including customer numbers, purchase frequency, repeat purchase rates, and customer lifetime value. These metrics are then benchmarked against industry norms derived by eComplete from its historic work with a representative sample of eCommerce business. 


The conclusion of stage 1 is an Opportunity Bridge that establishes the potential of the business. The Opportunity Bridge gives a company an assessment of the potential sales and profit uplift that should be the realistic objective of the company in the near term.

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Phase 2


eComplete Growth develops a Transformation Plan

Based on the conclusions of stage 1, a detailed Transformation Plan is built to attain the opportunities identified.

The plan lays out in detail all of the changes and improvements available to management, that will allow them to achieve the full potential of the existing business.

The Transformation Plan will include improved procurement processes, optimised marketing spends, and an enhanced geographical footprint – all shaped by the power of data analytics and our proprietary benchmarks.

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Phase 3


eComplete Growth delivers the Transformation Plan

eComplete growth is an operational agency with huge resource and experience that can deliver, all of the potential identified in stages 1 and 2. The outcome of the Implementation Phase is a step-change in the performance of the business. 


The eComplete Growth team works alongside existing management to deliver clearly defined goals throughout the plan. Our data platform allows all stakeholders to monitor progress across a range of KPIs.