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Benchmark your eCommerce performance using eCompare

Benchmark your eCommerce business

See how you rank and identify how you grow with eCompare, eComplete's eCommerce benchmarking tool.

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Champions grow through competition

Compare your eCommerce performance against c.1500 industry peers and identify gaps for growth and competitive advantage.

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Identify growth-driving KPIs

Access your all-in-one data dashboard view to track your performance. Automated and powered by APIs.

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Act on insight with analytics

Convert insights into actions through deep dives on 17 key performance metrics including sales, marketing, traffic and customer metrics.

Why choose eCompare?


Access growth defining metrics

  • Average Order Value

  • Conversion Rate

  • Channel Traffic

  • Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Life Time Value

  • Year-on-Year views


Free & easy to start

  • Free sign-up

  • Instant Insights

  • Fully automated

  • Frequent data refresh (2022 data available)

  • Reports ready in 2-4 hours


Deep industry insights

  • 17 Performance Metrics

  • 1500 companies to compare

  • 27 Key Verticals

  • 12 Marketing Channels

  • Advanced segmentation


Holistic User Experience

  • 360 view of your data in one single platform

  • Easy to digest reporting

  • User friendly - no training is required

  • Live support available

  • Reports ready in hours

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Frequently asked questions

eCompare is a free tool that provides businesses with actionable competitive insights that can be used to grow and stay ahead of the competition.  eCompare gives eCommerce businesses the ability to plug in their own performance metrics and have them instantly compared to over 1,500 peers in the eCommerce industry across 17 performance metrics, including marketing channels and territories. With eCompare, companies can now have access to specific data points such as industry YOY growth rates, YOY change in ad spend, conversion rates by channel and customer acquisition cost (CAC).

Data is pulled via APIs from source, transformed and de-duplicated into an accurate view of performance over time.

Benchmark your data against +1500 ecommerce businesses ranging from start-ups to established brands. You can compare against the eCommerce industry as a whole or can use our advanced segmentation and filter the data via geographic location, industry, average selling price and revenue rank.

The eCompare benchmark tool is currently free to use.

Currently the tool is accessible for brands who are using Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook but we’ll be adding more integrations soon.

This depends on the size of your data but eCompare reports are usually generated between 2-4 hours. You’ll receive an email once they’re ready to view. Emails will be sent to the email you signed up with.

The data will refresh automatically when you click the sync button on the connectors tab. For more information on how to use the tool please get in touch.